Shri Ganesh Sahakari Bank Ltd. has come to be known as one of the most trusted and rapidly developing banks in and around Sangvi, Navi Sangvi and Pimple Gurav. This bank was founded in 1997. Since then, the bank has crossed many a milestone of progress. With the unwavering support of more than four thousand members, by March 2012 the bank has been able to achieve and beat the target of Rs. 86 Crore worth deposits. The bank has been paying a record breaking 15% dividend to its members. Recently opened second branch at Rahatani is testimony to the growing popularity of Shri Ganesh Sahakari Bank Ltd..

Many people; businessmen and those in service, have made Sangvi and the adjoining area their home in the last twenty years. These residents include workers, businessmen, traders, small scale industrialists. Considering the financial difficulties that these residents face, the bank has started many attractive deposit and loan schemes. The bank also offers RTGS, SMS Alerts, Safe Deposit Lockers, Insurance Protection for Deposits, Pay Order & Demand Draft facilities, Easy Process for Credit Disbursement, Vehicle Loans, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Recurring Deposit scheme, and much more. Shri Ganesh Sahakari Bank Ltd. has taken the path of modernization with an efficient computerized system for the convenience of its customers.

The customer friendly transactions and dealings of the bank are always praised by the customers from all walks of life. The bank has always secured ‘A’ Class in the Statutory Audit, consistently from its founding, as an acknowledgement for its transparent transactions. Today, Shri Ganesh Sahakari Bank Ltd. has made good name for itself as a bank earning consistent profits. However, it has always been a firm belief of the bank that some of these profits have to be spent for the betterment of the society. It has been one of the most important characteristic features of the bank. It has always consciously supported programmes for social progress.

The bank believes that it is not the deposits of crores of rupees but the trust of the customers that is the real power and capital behind the success of the bank. The Directors believe that it is with this capital of trust that the bank will make huge progress in future.


» CTS-2010 - New Cheque Book Facility available. Replace your old Cheque and ECS Cheques before 31/12/2012.

» CTS-2010 - New Cheque Book Facility available. Replace your old Cheque and ECS Cheques before 31/12/2012.


Head Office Main Branch:
Main Road, Kranti Chowk
New Sangavi. Pune 410061
Phone: (020) 27284304 / 27286314
Mobile: +91 9011 907 863

Branch Office Rahatni:
Pearl Paledium, Rahatni Chowk,
Rahatni.Pune 411017
Phone: (020) 27272701 / 9552 566 018